Company rebranding

March 31st, 2011 by Patrick

Starting from today our domain name is being changed from to; the change has been decided to reflect our broader search marketing services in mainland China, as opposed to the focus on search optimization only as the old name implied.

With the new domain now live we will be posting more frequently articles on search marketing/internet marketing in China and beyond.

The Management

New site coming soon

November 15th, 2009 by Patrick

We will be launching in the coming weeks (hopefully just in time to start 2010) a new version of our website. Other than a more stylish design, the new site will include new (and free!) China SEO tools, a secured client area where existing clients can get updates on their projects, open support ticket or download the latest reports, and much more…If you have any suggestion for us to include in our new site, feel free to email us at

Websites being unblocked in China

March 23rd, 2009 by Patrick

It seems the Internet is becoming freer in China as scores of websites have become unblocked in recent weeks. Examples are blogs or again baidu japan. Let’s see if this is a temporary glitch, which happened a couple of times beforebackgammon free casino moneyЛаптоп Магазин лаптоп аксесоари за лаптопи free craps game play free black jack craps video poker strategy play black jack online how to win video poker casino game online uk best casino online casino secure online gambling jackpot casino online casino black jack learn to play craps how to win at video poker craps online blackjack casino game online casino betting free on line video poker casino gamesmach zehnder modulator no download casino online gambling casino play free casino slots video poker machine bonus video poker free on line slots double bonus video poker free video poker games free casinos roulette online craps rules free on line casino rules of craps online casino free money blackjack 21 internet casino how to play craps free casino game download fortunelounge online casino free casino download free casino card game free roulette game free casino play no deposit free money casino internet casino online as well, or if this is for good.

Google now No1 on Alexa

March 21st, 2009 by Patrick

At least for now…Let’s see how long it will hold that position or whether Yahoo will reclaime the top spot soon.

Baidu debuts ecommerce platform

October 6th, 2008 by Patrick

Long awaited ecommerce platform by leading search engine Baidu has finally started on a trial basis at the end of last month. 10,000 users are now already operating their online shops through the new C2C portal which has been hyped as the Taobao-killer.

Pending the final decision on the top domain for the new site, the new trading platform can be accessed now at коли под наем ; you will need to have a Baidu account (passport) to be able to access it.

AOL launches Chinese website

September 12th, 2008 by Patrick

After months of preparation AOL has finally launched officially its new Chinese portal. It is accessible at ; I wrote earlier on this blog about whether AOL should purchase the .cn or of their domains before launching. It seemed they chose to go the easy way, however with such a long url they shouldn’t be surprised to never make a dent in the online news industry in China. I bet the decision to use the sub-domain was taken in a corporate office in the US…

RMB5,600 now needed to start a new Baidu PPC account

July 24th, 2008 by Patrick

From the new marketing materials we have received, Baidu has raised the initial advertising budget for new accounts from RMB3,000 to RMB5,000. The “consulting” fee remains the same, RMB600. New advertisers therefore are required to pay RMB5,600 (about USD824) upfront to set up a new pay-per-click account.

As a comparison Google account opening fee stands at RMB50, with prepay advertisers required to pay a minimum of RMB100 everytime they recharge their accounts.

Make sure your site is accessible in China before paying Google for traffic

July 16th, 2008 by Patrick

One of the tings mostly overlooked by advertisers, especially those not based in China and trying to promote their websites in China through pay per click (Google Adwords) is the fact that the Chinese visitors actually might just not be able to visit their websites!

One example should help. Everyone knows about , the popular all-in-one DIY sitebuilder + hosting platform that was quite hot in the early 2000, maybe not that much now as people become more knowledgeable in web design or for selecting a web hosting solution that better suits their needs. Homestead advertise heavily through Adwords and China is one of the markets where their ads are shown. They appear mostly for their own name and many search terms related to web hosting, wed design etc. However, has been blocked in China for the last two or three years at least! This means that they have been spending tens of dollars (or even more, considering that their industry has rather high CPC values) every day for years now, while those who click on the ad could not access their sites and would shut down the browser in a second. Talking about wasting resources.

Now for Homestead these might be pennies and probably they don’t care of this loss for China in their global advertising budget. However for small businesses targeting China, without the proper analytics software in place to track country of origin for their web visitors, bounce rates etc. that could have made them aware of the problem, this could be a serious hit to their bottom lines. We had a Canadian client coming to us who, after six months of “heavy” advertising in China through Adwords for their Chinese website, didn’t seem to get anything going in terms of sales or leads, and where surprised to find out that their sites couldn’t be accessed here without a proxy! And don’t count on Google to inform you of the situation, you might even be paying more than other advertisers since the high bounce rate will definitely lower your site quality score.

So, if you were to advertise through Google Adwords (or any other PPC network, for what it matters) in China, first make sure that you site can be seen here. There are online tools to check access from Chinese locations, if you know someone in China the best bet would be to ask them to test if they can visit your site. Ultimately, if your site main audience in China, you might consider hosting in China altogether, as you will get faster load times for your visitors which can be a boost for your site friendliness for users and quality score as well…But this will be for another article :)

Search volume data now included in Adwords keyword tool

July 11th, 2008 by Patrick

If you have been using the Adwords keyword tool for doing your keyword research, then you you will definitely like this. Now the tool provides data about number of searches conducted for each keyword. So for a certain number of suggested keywords, for instance, you will find as well the number of searches that was conducted for this keyword in the previous month, as well as the average monthly search volume.

You can read more about it on the Inside Adwords blog here: